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Paula C. Furey PhD
Department of Biology
St. Catherine University
2004 Randolph Ave, Mailstop 4246
St. Paul, MN 55105


I am a freshwater ecologist, with expertise and interests that span phycology (algae), macroinvertebrates, biodiversity, taxonomy, conservation, restoration ecology, and global change. My research centers on the ecology of lotic and lentic ecosystems, especially benthic communities and algal assemblages. I focus my research on trying to understand what shapes and controls the structure and function of biotic communities and ecosystems, and on using ecology to find better ways to monitor, protect and predict changes in aquatic ecosystems. These goals direct my future research plans in three main areas:

  1. Processes that change ecosystem structure and function.
  2. Using algae and macroinvertebrates to answer ecological questions and understand environmental problems.
  3. The ecology, biodiversity, and taxonomy of freshwater algae.