teaching1Current and Past Course Instruction

Foundations of Biology I - Exploring the Unity and Diversity of Life (lecture and lab; St. Catherine University): Students are introduced to biology and the nature of science through the exploration of the biodiversity of life and reproductive strategies, including an in-depth team research project.

General Biology II - Ecology, Evolution, and Plant Biology (lecture and lab; St. Catherine University): Students learn about ecology, evolution, and plant biology through case studies, data analysis exercises and team-research projects.

Environmental Biology (lecture and lab: St. Catherine University): Students learn about the nature of scientific inquiry and use basic biological, chemical, ecological and earth science principles to explore current environmental issues. It is co-taught with Education as part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program at St. Catherine University.

Great Lakes Ecosystems (lecture; Bowling Green State University): This course on the USA Great Lakes ecosystems covers their history, development, natural resources, environmental concerns, transboundary issues and the potential for international cooperation.

Brief Summary of Teaching Philosophy:

   Successful teaching in science involves more than just conveying facts. teaching2Good teachers try to encourage students to think critically and to explore and discover the world of science in a meaningful way without boundaries and limitations that might otherwise stifle intellectual development and the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Good teachers facilitate learning by putting concepts into relevant and meaningful contexts and encouraging broad integration of ideas and approaches. Good teachers provide opportunities for students to actively participate in the process of science. Good teachers are passionate and enthusiastic about what they teach and create a comfortable learning environment where students can learn to doubt themselves and others and to seek reliable information to dispel that doubt. Good teachers are open to the different learning styles and dynamics of their students. Good teachers reflect on their teaching so that they can continually improve and reenergize their courses and teaching methods. My teaching philosophy is a work in progress, and is continually molded with each new teaching experience and period of reflection. I am genuinely committed to helping students to learn and to critically think about science and the world around them, much as my mentors have done for me.